Understanding Your Fertility App cover
The brand new Understanding Your Fertility app gives the reader everything they would get from the magazine, such as the expert advice and latest health tips, but on an iPad.

The application allows Understanding Your Fertility magazine to reach a greatly extended audience, as the entire issue can now be easily downloaded at the touch of a button.

Understanding Your Fertility is brought to you in association with the UK’s leading national patient organisation, Infertility Network UK, helping to give anxious couples expert advice and up to date information on all matters concerning fertility and infertility.
Understanding Your Fertility offers comprehensive advice and alternative solutions to those who strongest desire is to become parents.

Coping with fertility problems is both traumatic and stressful, with the latest research showing that infertility affects around 17% of couples in the UK.

Understanding Your Fertility magazine unravels the myths and provide comprehensive expert answers and advice to the couples who are finding it difficult to conceive.

At a time when it can feel like everything is falling apart, the magazine offers a hand of friendship and support to help couples to cope and consider of alternative ways of becoming a parent.

Distributed throughout the UK in newsagents, clinics, surgeries and health clubs, this extensive outreach ensures that you reach your target audience.
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